I have suffered from skin problems since I was 22.  These materialized as deep-set deposits and festering pustules. There followed countless visits to dermatologists and cosmeticians.  Numerous deep-cleansing sessions, fruit acid treatment and peeling cures as well as the application of many different anti-acne products and medication (antibiotics and hormone treatment) left their mark on my face.  My skin became increasingly dry and irritated but my problem with spots and pustules did not improve. With DERMAGICO I have found a skin care system that neither irritates nor dries out my skin and for this very reason is effective in preventing new pimples and deposits from forming. Since I have been using DERMAGICO® Products my skin feels much more healthy, without irritation, tightness and shine. 

Friends and colleagues approach me about the improvement in my skin.  I no longer require concealing makeup and can go out without having to spend hours before covering up my spots and pimples.” 



“As a result my quality of life has improved”     



Maria before beginning her treatment with DERMAGICO®  Skin Care System …


Fig 2 *
... and after 10 weeks of treatment   

*Result of  continuous cosmetic application;  the results shown in the photographs above are not necessarily applicable to other users and are not intended as a general indication of effect.