I’ve tried a lot of skin care products, but so far nothing has helped. Why should Dermagico be just the thing to improve the appearance of my skin?

The composition of the Dermagico Skin Care System has been devised in such a way to help problem skin in particular.  The natural ingredients selected by the qualified biologist, natural medicine practitioner and cosmetician, Daniela Hambek, are specially aimed at reducing pimples and blackheads, making the skin look beautiful and radiant again.

How long will it take before I see an improvement in my skin?

Most of our customers have reported that the first positive results are noticeable after only few days and that after around two weeks there is a marked visble improvement.  After ten weeks significant differences in the skin condition can usually be seen. Take a photograph of your skin before beginning with Dermagico skin care and then you’ll be better able to notice the improvement.

Is an initial deterioration possible?

The active substance, sulfonated shale oil, contained in the Tonicum toning lotion literally “pulls out” deposits, blackheads and pimples from beneath the skin.  This can lead to an initial deterioration.  Deep cleansing by a specially-trained cosmetician can be helpful.

Does cleansing treatment by a cosmetician make sense?

Yes. A visit to a specially-trained cosmetician can clearly accelerate skin improvement.

Should I use a sunscreen?

Please always use natural sun protection products.  The use of  the Dermagico Skin Care System can increase the skin’s light sensitivity.  For this reason additonal sun protection is important!

Have animal experiments been carried out in the development of the skin care series?

No. We love animals!  At no time in the development and production of the skin care series have any tests on animals been carried out.

Is the skin care series well tolerable?

Yes, the skin care series is very well tolerable.  A fact that has been tested by an independent laboratory. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us!

Are side-effects possible?

Yes, in the period of changeover to the Dermagico Skin Care Series undesired side effects can occur and an initial deterioration may also take place.  Furthermore at the start of  the skin care treatment the skin may feel more dry. This is due to the changeover to a mineral- and silicone-free care product.  The skin can suffer real withdrawl symptoms, which, however, are usually overcome after a few days.  In single cases this can last as long as 28 days. In addition, as with all available cosmetics, the possibility of an allergic reaction to individual components cannot be ruled out. We therefore recomend that allergy sufferers undertake a careful examination of all the listed ingredients before using the products.

Where has the research and development of the concept for the skin care system been carried out?

The development of the system took place only in Germany wth the participation of experienced natural scientists and physicians.

Where is the skin care system produced?