A Product line  from Daniela Hambek

I know only too well what it feels like, long after puberty is over, to suffer from problem skin in the shape of blackheads, pimples and visible  oily skin. Over a long period of time I consulted numerous specialists myself to tackle this problem. However, most methods of treatment and the products used didn’t achieve the desired effect.  As a result of these unsuccessful attempts, as a qualified biologist, cosmetician and a practitioner of natural medicine, I decided to take the initiative myself.  During my studies I was intensively involved with biochemistry, botany and phytomedicine.  After I had found what I was looking for, I began to devise a treatment concept in my cosmetic institute for my own skin problems.  With success!



Following my discovery, many of my clients became test persons and achieved  the same positive results. The skin care concept of the DERMAGICO® Product Line is, contrary to other approaches, not aimed at drying out skin impurities such as pimples and blackheads, but rather to normalise the skin condition and restore its natural balance.