I’ve suffered from problem skin since I was 15.  Since then visits to dermatologists and regular appointments with a cosmetician have become obligatory.  I am more than grateful that I was able to find a competent cosmetician in my neighbourhood who provides all-round care for my skin,  gives me professional advice and helps me to fulfill my long-standing wish for a clearer complexion.  But that isn’t all.  I have also discovered the right skin care for my type of skin, which enables me to continue fighting my problem skin at home. Up to now I was using other products which improved the appearance of my skin and brought me nearer to reaching my target of “clearer skin”.  For around two months now I have been using the new DERMAGICO® skin care product line developed by
Ms. Hambek herself and I am more than thrilled becaused I did not think it was possible to improve the appearance of my skin any further.  But the DERMAGICO® products achieve just that!  In the morning I use the Cleanser and Tonicum toning lotion and Cream Light, or, in the evening, Cream Rich and since using these products I can see the following improvements: more delicate, smooth and refreshed-looking skin that is hardly greasy at all so that my make-up stays all day, no more pimples and a reduction of other blemishes.”



„In addition, compared to other quality products, the skin care line is very good value and definitely worth the money.”