“I am one of those many women who suffer from problem skin beyond puberty. For years I tried one different product after another, each time asking myself the same question: “how can I keep a long-lasting, fine facial skin texture without the products losing their effectiveness after long continual use? Over the years my cosmetic cupboard became fuller and fuller in order to be prepared for every skin problem.

“After the first two to three days of applying the DERMAGICO Skin Care System I noticed a definite improvement in the appearance of my complexion.  My skin was no longer so dry. Two weeks after starting skin care with DERMAGICO, to my amazement I no longer had deep-set pustules.  Before, whenever I had tackled a pustule, shortly afterwards two more new ones were ready to take its place.  It was a vicious circle without an exit.  But with DERMAGICO® I have achieved a longlasting, pleasant skin sensation and feel more feminine again.”


„The days I hid my face behind a thick layer of make-up are over!“