Contrary to most other people I did not have the problem of skin blemishes during puberty. Pimples suddenly began began to break out in my mid-twenties.  Over the years I was of the opinion that – through continually trying out new skin care products – I could handle the problem myself.  However, my complexion did not improve and stress at work and in everyday life strengthened  the negative development.  Worse than the pain caused by the inflamed areas was the psychcological burden that strongly influenced me andmy day-to-day life. Just to look at myself in the mirror in the mornings took a lot of willpower. I was more or less able to conceal the ugly patches on my face with makeup and plucked up courage to leave the house. However, on some days I just couldn’t face meeting people, always having the feeling that everyone was staring at my problem skin. At appointments and meetings I always tried to sit so that, as far as possible,  my converstion partner couldn’t see the ugly parts of my face.  Help came with the new skin care products of the DERMAGIO® line.   

After cleansing the skin with Cleanser cleansing gel and Tonicum toning lotion the skin feels noticeably fresh and smooth, whereby Tonicum also supports the healing of skin lesions.
The creams contain exactly the right mixture of oil and moisture so that after application the the skin feels silky soft with a glowing complexion. With my well-cared-for skin I am now able to face life with more self-confidence and a feeling of security. Occasional impurities are easy to deal with and no longer get me down.  At last I can just be myself - without tension – in my day-to-day meetings and appointments.


“I can fully recommend this new skin care series”

 Fig 1* 

Christina before treatment with DERMAGICO® Skin Care System

Fig 2* 
… and after 10 weeks
of treatment


*Result of  continuous cosmetic application;  the results shown in the photographs above are not necessarily applicable to other users and are not intended as a general indication of effect.